Memorable Romance Novel Lines....the good, the bad and the just plain uglee

The (Very) Good AND Clever: "She licked her lips as she handed it to him, the look in her eyes saying it was his own lips she was imagining under her glistening tongue. He congratulated himself on his choice of pants today. No space in them to betray any hormone-driven stupidity. (To Touch a Sheikh)

The Bad: "Each time a break had come in the conversation she had tried to explain her exciting news, but her mother had hushed her and turned back to the boys, so Lucy's opportunity to share her happiness had never come. She still wasn't sure anyone had noticed her heaving her suitcase out of the house." Feel sorry for yourself much? (Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress)

The (Very) Good: "The knot in her spine intensified and sent a spear of shock straight to her heart as her worst judgement call, ever, walked straight back into her life." (For The Sake of the Secret Child)

The (Very) Uglee: "He blazed into the restaurant. Customers halted with soup spoons halfway to their mouths to stare at the impossibly glamorous man who had just walked in in a storm of testosterone and muscle." Oh, give me a damn break! (Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress)

Mo' Bad: "...he could feel the dampness between her legs just from where they pressed together like Twinkies inside their cellophane wrapper."  Yeah, there's nothing sexier than comparing the dampness between your legs to Twinkies. (A Bite Before Christmas)

Bad again: "Your hair is every color of the rainbow."  "I know," she said shyly, "it's so odd."  Quick! Somebody give her one of those John 3:16 signs! (Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise)

The funny: "There was no way in hell that a car, even one with all-wheel drive, should have made it up Lone Summit Road after a snowfall.....What kind of person could navigate that road and then not be able to figure out a gate latch? Apparently one with a degree in anthropology." (Maddie Inherits A Cowboy, by Jeannie Watt)

The downright creepy: Talking about their previous lovemaking: "I want to repeat everything we did before. I want to do it again and again and more...until I'm too weak to stand and you have to feed me by hand in bed to revive me. And when I do revive, I'll want you all over again." Ok, he's put WAY too much thought into that. (Ultimatum: Marriage by Ann Major)

More very good: "...and she felt herself melting like a Hershey square on a campfire S'more." Finally! A sex/food analogy I can relate to! (Just For Kicks by Susan Andersen)

SEXY!!: "I'd be all over you like dust on a cowboy after a long day in the saddle." (Rodeo Daddy by Marin Thomas)

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