Saturday, December 07, 2013

i LOVE the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure ppl will argue that you can find intructions on how to kill ppl and make bombs, BUT you can also find the instructions for putting together a 6.5 Douglar Fir color coded tree from WalMart that ya bought eight years ago and left to rot in the attic......thank you ppl of the internet!!!!

That's right, folks, for the first time in YEARS Goddess is slapping up a Christmas tree that's bigger than Charlie Brown's tree. And why, you ask? Because I have many things to be grateful for: my family, my job, my health...

Wait a minute. If I'm grateful I should be stuffing my face with mashed potatoes, gravy and turkey not slapping up a damn tree that the cat is already eyeballing for destruction!


BRUNO said...

Y' know, if'n you look closely-enough---you MAY find the ORIGINAL-receipt for that tree, for exchange!

Or, you COULD just drag it in, and CLAIM-to have bought it there---jus' like some do with the underwear.

Or, MY-favorite: The douche-bottle that "...just didn't fit. Believe me, I tried...!"

*Goddess* said...

EXCHANGE?! After four hours and $100 in "cheap" ornaments, that sucker is up and bedecked in all her glory!! There will be no more talk of 'exchanging,' Sir!

Besides, I can't find a damn receipt from last week. let alone several years ago. How big do you think my purse is? lol