Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We are a part of the Kindle Nation

Are you one of the lucky folks who got a Kindle from Santa this year?

I bought my Kindle a few months ago, and honestly, I NEVER thought I'd love it and use it as much as I do. Of course, it helps that I bought the Kindle Fire HD, which does just about everything a laptop can do. I can Skype, listen to music, watch videos and do all sorts of fun app stuff.

The best part about the Kindle is there are TONS of free books available every day. There's even a daily free app list with over a thousand free apps! After only a few months, I have over one thousand ebooks on all different subjects on my Kindle.

What more could a gal want? Besides some rich, sexy, muscle bound insatiable thirtysomething guy who owns a chocolate factory to reboot my hard drive a few times a day? Not much. (Channing, what he don't know won't hurt me!)

IF you are an author who is so generous as to offer your Kindle book for free (or those selling their ebooks on Amazon), may I make a teeny suggestion about your book description? Please don't tell me it's the funniest thing I'll ever read. Please don't tell me it will bring me to tears or have me rolling on the floor in laughter. Please don't tell me it's a book I'll never forget or that it's a must have.

Let me decide these things for myself.

Because I can guarantee you that if you tell me it's the funniest thing I've ever read, I will set out to prove you WRONG, and that's not the mindset you should be going for. Just give me a short synopsis and fight that urge to tell me how that's gonna make me feel!:)

Anyway, here are a few great sites for free ebooks to get you started. You'll want to sign up for their daily emails because some sites update several times during the day. The sites allow you to pick several of your favorite genres so you don't have to slough through a bunch of books that don't interest you. Make sure the cost is FREE before you 'purchase' it at Amazon!!!  (this is the site that also has the email for daily free apps) (i like this email cuz the writer is pretty funny and puts in some interesting tidbits to enjoy)


BRUNO said...

I wish I'd been the lucky-MAN GUY who got a Kindle this year for ANY-reason or season.

Oh yeah---I CAN/DO-read books still yet. I mean, I'm not a monk by any means---but I still read, AND type/"word-process" as well as I did in English-Lit and typing in my Junior/Senior-years of high-school.

The ONLY-thing that's different?

Now I gotta settle for lookin' at my WIFES'-ass while working, instead of the leggy-22-year-old teacher in a skirt and heels.

A-FEMALE-one that is, damn-you.......!!!

*Goddess* said...

Well if you'd stop getting your name on Santa's NAUGHTY List, you might have gotten a Kindle! If that ain't reason enough to give up all your wicked ways, I don't know what is;)