Sunday, December 16, 2012

i wish

the media would stop telling us about who the assh*le was that killed these children in Newton. We don't CARE who he was.

If you're going to tell us anything, tell us about the children and the teachers, the HEROES.

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BRUNO said...

Drama sells, makes headlines. "If it bleeds, it leads!"(Makes a lead-story, page one.) Besides, everyone and everything's a HERO, nowadays---it's fast losing it's once-proud impact.

As for the "Assault-Style Weapon": Aren't ALL-weapons capable of "assaulting"? Maybe better if he'd used a more-"sporting" compound-bow, with camo-fletching? Or a cross-bow with ALL the "trimmings"---as seen in 98%-of all VIDEO "kills"?

Doesn't sound like the MOTHER of this animal was too-damned "solid", herself?

As for the sympathy of the victims: Give it another 4-to-6 weeks, it'll be---like Pink Floyd puts it---"All-in-all [it'll be] just another brick in the wall..."