Sunday, December 30, 2012

so far away doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore

Over the Christmas holidays, Female Offspring #1 called me to tell me she had been offered a job in New York City. I knew she had interviewed earlier in the month and I know my daughter is a very sharp, intelligent woman, but there was a part of me that was hoping that she wouldn't get offered the job. That sounds horrible to say and I feel guilty saying it, but it's how I feel. And while I was saying, "Wow, this is such a great opportunity for you," in my head I was thinking, "please don't take it."

She's living in Pittsburgh now and even that seems a long way away at times, but I know that if something happened and I needed her to come home that she could be here in the same day, so in that sense, she doesn't seem so far away.

She told the people that she's thinking about it, but I think her mind is made up and it's just breaking my heart because I know I'll only see her once or twice a year. Mr. G is NOT a traveler and quite frankly I'm not keen on it either, but I was willing to do the drives back and forth to Pittsburgh all the time, whereas he just kept saying he 'didn't feel comfortable' driving in the city. Add to the fact that we don't have the financial wherewithal to do a lot of traveling, so I know there's no way we'd be flying out to see her if she moved to New York.

She just bought a home in Pittsburgh a few months ago, and I was really hoping she'd be able to enjoy her home and her yard and her garden. But I know she's been unhappy at her job and quite frankly, there's hardly anything worse than hating your job, hating to get up every morning and know what's staring you in the face.

I can still remember the day she left for college in Pittsburgh. We were at the train station and I was thinking how great I was handling it all. Then the train pulled in and I said, "Well, it's time to say goodbye," and the next thing I knew I was bawling like a baby.

And as I'm writing this, I'm bawling again. My throat hurts and my heart aches to think of her so far way. But I can't project my fears and limiting beliefs on to her. It IS a great opportunity and I want her to be happy in her work. She deserves it, too. She's worked hard for her Master's Degree and she financed her own college education.

I just wish she didn't have to be so far away. And to that end, I can only pray for the outcome to be the best for all involved.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We are a part of the Kindle Nation

Are you one of the lucky folks who got a Kindle from Santa this year?

I bought my Kindle a few months ago, and honestly, I NEVER thought I'd love it and use it as much as I do. Of course, it helps that I bought the Kindle Fire HD, which does just about everything a laptop can do. I can Skype, listen to music, watch videos and do all sorts of fun app stuff.

The best part about the Kindle is there are TONS of free books available every day. There's even a daily free app list with over a thousand free apps! After only a few months, I have over one thousand ebooks on all different subjects on my Kindle.

What more could a gal want? Besides some rich, sexy, muscle bound insatiable thirtysomething guy who owns a chocolate factory to reboot my hard drive a few times a day? Not much. (Channing, what he don't know won't hurt me!)

IF you are an author who is so generous as to offer your Kindle book for free (or those selling their ebooks on Amazon), may I make a teeny suggestion about your book description? Please don't tell me it's the funniest thing I'll ever read. Please don't tell me it will bring me to tears or have me rolling on the floor in laughter. Please don't tell me it's a book I'll never forget or that it's a must have.

Let me decide these things for myself.

Because I can guarantee you that if you tell me it's the funniest thing I've ever read, I will set out to prove you WRONG, and that's not the mindset you should be going for. Just give me a short synopsis and fight that urge to tell me how that's gonna make me feel!:)

Anyway, here are a few great sites for free ebooks to get you started. You'll want to sign up for their daily emails because some sites update several times during the day. The sites allow you to pick several of your favorite genres so you don't have to slough through a bunch of books that don't interest you. Make sure the cost is FREE before you 'purchase' it at Amazon!!!  (this is the site that also has the email for daily free apps) (i like this email cuz the writer is pretty funny and puts in some interesting tidbits to enjoy)

ahhhhh the joys of parenting....

Now that another Christmas has come to pass, I find myself pondering the mysteries of life. More specifically, how long into the holiday season did one of my beloved offspring change the letters on my BIG PICTURE WINDOW THAT FACES THE STREET from "Let It Snow!" to "Le Tits Now!" ??!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

After Porn Ends

Today I was in a very Christmassy mood, and I wanted to see something that would put me in a festive, holiday mood!

So naturally, I rented "After Porn Ends".

After watching, I had a few thoughts.

Of course, the women were more stigmatized by their porn careers than the men. Not one guy mentioned the word 'shame'. 

Some of the statements made by the women left me conflicted. For instance, I thought it was sad when Houston said her teenaged daughter refused to allow her to any school functions for fear that she might be recognized. Smart move there, kid. Houson might as well have "FORMER PORN STAR" tattooed across her forehead with her huge lips and boobs. On the other hand, I would think it's hard to have respect for a woman who had plastic surgery on her labia then ebayed the skin....makes me shudder just thinking about it. And what's not to be thrilled about when you realize your mom participated in the world's largest gang bang?! 620 men....and your mom. Imagine that Christmas letter!

I have more admiration for the women who said they did it for the sex and the money (like Seka) than the women like Tiffany Million who raved on about how she did it for her kid. So her kid could go to good schools, so her kid could have a nice life, you know, things that aren't available to children whose mothers are school teachers or lawyers or nurses. Tell it like it is. Those things ARE available to women who work 9-5 jobs, it's JUST HARDER WORK FOR LESS PAY.

I noticed a big difference between the women who were in it for the fame--they didn't fare nearly as well as the women who treated it like a business, like Seka. She said if the directors refused to give her the money she wanted, she walked. The chicks who give in seem to be the ones who end up wallowing in booze and drugs, no doubt angry for having second guessed themselves and for having sold themselves so cheaply.

I think the woman I had the least amount of respect for was Asia Carerra. She went on and on about how she made this massive amount of money for photo shoots and autograph sessions, and then when her husband died, she went online and asked her fans to donate money to her. She said they responded "in a big way". Wrong, wrong, MEGA WRONG on so many different levels. GET. A. JOB. Fans aren't there to be used.

Let's not even talk about Shelley Lubben, who talked like she was STILL way out in left field.

The documentary also touched on something that has always pissed me off: the women the guys are jacking off to are the very ones the guys think are disgusting for giving them something to jack off to.  I often think many women keep the depth of their sexual needs hidden because of two-faced thinking like this. It's on par with the old "she's fuck material, but not marriage material" mentality.

Richard Pacheco sounded like he was stuck in the old "woulda, coulda, shoulda" days, lamenting the fact that he had to give up all that sex because his wife was afraid of the AIDS outbreak. I found it interesting that in all his comments he never even mentioned BEING married until he spoke about why he left the industry.

Randy West seems to be spending his days on the golf circuit, and he did lament not having had the opportunity to have kids.

John Leslie seemed to be the most content with his life at the time the documentary was shot. He stated that he had his home and his wife and what more could he want. The movie ended with a shot of John standing in his yard with a  big smile on his face. Below him, a tagline stating that he had passed away at his home of a heart attack in 2010.

I think After Porn Ends is a documentary that should be required viewing for any woman who wants to do porn. Then again, when we're young, we all think things will be sooooo different for us.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

windows 8 is a WINNER!!!

The boss bought a new computer for the office and it had a factory installed version of Windows 8--basically that means you don't get a recovery CD. We probably have to make our own, but quite frankly we haven't gotten that far.

I set the woman using it up as Administrator and she typed in her own email/password blah blah. Then she realized she would have to log in with her password all the time and since she isn't that knowledgeable on the computer yet, I set up a Guest user so she could just go in under Guest and not have to worry about passwords.

I tried to install a video program today and naturally it brought up the Admin password. I don't know if you know this but Win 8 REQUIRES an Administrator account. For some freakish reason, it would NOT accept her password. We tried 9 million versions of it to no avail.

I called Staples and they directed me to Microsoft. Microsoft said they'd be glad to help me for $99. For a FREAKING ONE WEEK OLD COMPUTER! Naturally I said no. They then referred me to the manufacturer, Toshiba, who said my only recourse was to UNINSTALL WINDOWS AND REINSTALL.

Thankfully we had only been running web based programs at that point, but may I just say.....WIN 8 IS A PIECE OF SHIT. I *might have been able* to get rid of the password had I gone in under the installation CD but since it was pre-installed ...yeah, NO CD! I can't believe I had to go through all of that because of a lousy password. Yet, I'm sure a hacker could break into it in a heart beat.....

Sunday, December 16, 2012

i wish

the media would stop telling us about who the assh*le was that killed these children in Newton. We don't CARE who he was.

If you're going to tell us anything, tell us about the children and the teachers, the HEROES.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

there is nothing more sacred

OINK if you love cake......
than a damn piece of BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

I understand this woman's motivations 100%!

Why if it weren't for the fact that the offspring are all afraid of me...and weak as kittens from all that tv, cigarettes and junk food...I'd have to fight them for cake!