Sunday, November 04, 2012

what the WHAT now?!

Yesterday I posted these perfectly respectable pictures of Channing Tatum as our home computer wallpaper. (I may or may not have made a collage of half nekkid CT pics....)

I will pause while the ladies get tissues to wipe up their drool.....

This morning I was laying in bed and I hear Mr. G yelling, "Get these pictures of this GAY GUY off the computer! I'm not looking at him every time I log on!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Ok, I yelled but THEN I laughed because it occurred to me that when women feel defensive about other women we say, "Their boobs are fake!" and when men feel defensive about other men, they say, "They're gay!"


BRUNO said...

Poor gay bastard needs a cheeseburger, he's nothin' but skin an' bones!

Sombitch must have the mange or somethin'---they've done went an' shaved his HARE-off'n him! He'll FREEZE to death this winter!

(Tell Geo about this-reply---I'm on HIS-side! Us REAL-men hafta stick-together, you know.)


*Goddess* said...

You'd have zero percent body fat too if you were making a movie about male strippers....sigh.

BRUNO said...

Hell, I dunno---you'd think gays might LIKE a few-"curves"?☺

Whatever turns 'em on---as long as it ain't ME, an' I don't hafta watch it...