Sunday, November 18, 2012

This weekend I watched...


OMG. It was so good, but I'm thinking maybe it's more of a chick flick?

It stars the voices of Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Kelly MacDonald, and Craig Ferguson, and it WILL have you attempting to talk with a Scottish accent for the rest of the day.

It's the story of four Scottish clans who have forged an alliance, unlike the clans of the past.  At the beginning of the film,  King Fergus lost his leg to Mor'du, a bear who was actually a Prince who had asked a witch to give him the strength of three men so he could rule all, thus pitting the clans against each other. According to tradition, Merida, the daughter of King Fergus of Clan DunBroch is supposed to wed one of the first born sons of the leaders of the other three clans.

But Merida is not like her mother, Queen Elinor, who has tried to constantly school her child in all things royal. Upset that her mother would not give validity to Merida's feelings on the bethroyal, Merida defiantly sets off on horseback and follows the will o'the wisps into the forest to a witch's cottage. She asks the witch for a spell to 'change her mother' so that her mother will let her marry the man she chooses when she's ready to choose. I shan't give away anything else because you have to see it for yourself.

BTW, the triplets, Merida's small brothers, were a real hoot.

I watched the movie twice and the ending three times, and despite my best intentions, cried every damn time I saw it, even though I knew what was coming!  Great movie from Pixar and Merida's last lines in the film said it best, "There are those who say fate is something beyond our command, that destiny is not our own. But I know better. Our fate lives within us; you only have to be brave enough to see it."

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