Monday, November 19, 2012

malibu country

I loved Reba's old show with Barbara Jean and crazy old Van. I was really happy to see that Reba has a new show called Malibu Country.

In the opening show, we learn that Reba was a country singer/song writer, who gave up her career for family and her big time country singer husband started cheating on her. She dumped him when his affair became public and moved to Malibu to restart her song writing career.

She moves her son and daughter and her mother, played by Lily Tomlin to Malibu. They move next door to Sarah Rue, who was obviously about five or six months pregnant in the second show, but perfectly thin in the first. Soooo I'm guessing there was a bit of a time lapse there between eps. Funny thing is her boobs have about tripled in size and yet she keeps holding things in front of her stomach. I'm thinking she needs to move those purses and hats up a few inches if she wants to hide the fact that she's pregnant...a fact there's no hiding, thank you very much.

After three episodes I am just not warming up to this show. Maybe I miss Van and Cheyenne and Barbara Jean too much, and maybe I'm comparing too much, but there's nothing about this show that grabs me and pulls me in.

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