Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can you say, "blase", kids?

CLEARLY the people in my hood are not taking this storm seriously. I admit, I *rarely* take anything the weather man says seriously, but after that last winter storm in which we didn't have electricity for six freaking days, I'm taking this a tad more seriously than usual.

Of course that didn't stop me from waiting until today to get water and ice (to pack the freezer), but while I was at the store I noticed that most people were stocking up on stuff like chips, pretzels, candy and soda. Definitely MY kind of people, but I don't think all those salty snacks are gonna sustain them too long, especially when they don't seem to be buying water...

I wanted to be sure I bought the SPRING water and not the DISTILLED water. So I looked at the label several times and saw the words "SPRING WATER". Naturally when I got it to the car I looked closer realized it was distilled, but I took it anyway, thinking I can just add some Himalayan crystal sea salt to it to replace the minerals. Of course the RED cap should have been the big clue. Sigh. Then I hiked back into the store and got some Deer Park water. My favorite! And yaya I know some hillbilly gets it right out of his hose and puts it in bottles to sell to unsuspecting rubes like me, but damn it, I like the taste of his hose water better than mine!

I made sure to charge up all my electric items: phone, laptop and Kindle. Now I know what you're thinking: "Goddess, you bought a Kindle Fire HD?! COOL!" I know I can't connect to the internet because I have Verizon and we all know the first wind of ANY storm knocks out Verizon internet, but alas, I have loaded up my kindle with GAMES and the laptop I can use for writing, if need be.

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BRUNO said...

50-mph winds, w/rain OR snow.

GREAT football weather...!!!☺