Tuesday, October 30, 2012

and now, a parenting tip from Goddess

I've read lots of articles that talk about how not spending time with your children is a baaaaad thing and it leaves them with deep psychological scars from which they might never recover.

But no expert ever talks about the REAL problem: spending TOO MUCH time with your offspring!! Especially when no one can leave the premises. How parents in the wilds of Alaska do it is beyond me. I'd be going through a LOT of home brew! And moose tranquilizers

Seriously though, we are eternally grateful that our little corner of the world was spared from the ravages of Sandy over the last few days. We are tremendously blessed...and we know it! Our hearts go out to all of those people who are dealing with it. We've gone through a flood situation before and it's devastating and depressing.

In the words of the infamous Billy Joel, "Don't forget your second wind Wait in your corner until that breeze blows in..."


BRUNO said...

Ohh, yeah-h-h---NOW she's all lovey-dovey, and caring again, AFTER her ass got thrown back in the pan, OUT of the fire!☺

Gonna have you move "down-heah" in Tornado-Alley this next-season, an' "convert-you-over" to "Rebel-Country".☺ Actually, it's not unheard-of to be "blessed" with such in December, under certain conditions. We'd cure you in no-time flat!

Hell, the "pan" never does cool-off 'round heah: It's just that the FIRE gets a bit-lower...!☺

*Goddess* said...

NO THANK YOU! The VIDEO Tornado Alley scared the shit out of me....I don't want to actually BE there. Brrrrrrr.

BRUNO said...

Aww, c'mon! Grow a pair, already! LOL!!!☺

The exercise from jumpin' from one-hole to the next will do wonders for the ol' flabby-abs...!☺