Saturday, September 22, 2012

im trying to figure out the angle

chevy is using to sell the volt.

could it be 'stupidity'?! no wait that doesn't seem quite right.

hmm, could it POSSIBLY have something to do with gas mileage since EVERY FREAKING PERSON in the ad talks about how rarely they have to fill up?

one person goes to the gas station every month, another every two months! i expected the next jackass to say he only goes once a year.

one idiot--blonde female of course--says its soooo long in between fill ups that she forgets HOW to fill up her tank! tee hee tee hee. UGH.

 chevy: we see dumb people


BRUNO said...

Reminds me of the old-Volkswagon commercial several years back, with the "thrifty"(pre-PC-days☺)Scotsman, who used his VW-beetle to drive the length of the island.

When asked about the mileage? He stated that was the only-bad thing about the beetle: "In one-year, I've had to buy TWO-TANKFULLS of fuel! TWO-WHOLE TANKFULS!"

To fully appreciate the "joke": The standard VW-beetle had an EIGHT U.S. GALLON fuel tank.

One-knows they've came full-circle, when on a Sunday-morning, you see ladies in their finest dresses and heels, filling the tank of the familys'-Suburban, with hubby ridin' herd on the kids.

Now, THAT'S-progress---blonde, or no...!☺

*Goddess* said...

shhhhhit my rio only holds 12 gallons--technically 11.9 the bastards!-- so we haven't come that far!