Wednesday, September 19, 2012

can you tell me what's ailin' me?

you have to LOVE the mentality of doctors in this country. when it comes to the aresenic in rice and apple juice, instead of saying, "DON'T drink or eat these items, they're unhealthy," they tell us to LIMIT our consumption.



BRUNO said...

Somewhat related: Did you know Sodium Hydroxide---as in, drain-cleaner---is one of the main ingredients for balancing medications to the perfect-PH of acidity, to prevent burning when applied? Lots of shampoos, as well.

Figured it out yet? Ironic that the very-same ingredient has been used---still is---for generations past as "Grandmas' LYE-Soap".

But then, even Grandma would tell you NOT to wash your FACE with it. Well, that is, unless you used a sack-cloth rag.☺

*Goddess* said...

I had two uncles who swore by my grandma's homemade lye soap for 'shampoo'. both as bald as the day is long....

BRUNO said...

Hmm. Grandma went a bit-heavy on the "lye-side", eh?☺

But, BOY I'll bet those haids were tough as tanned-leather...!!!