Sunday, August 05, 2012

i found this letter one day

when i was walking a few years ago. they had recently torn down an abandoned home in the area where i walk, so i don't know if it was from that house or had blown from someone's garbage. i saved it though cuz i find this sort of stuff fascinating. i wonder who the person is that wrote it and if he's still alive and whether this was a recent letter or old letter, as there's no date.


BRUNO said...

Not much to go on there, for sure. Sounds like he's still(was) in-'boot'---but will probably be out soon, due to a medical discharge. (Just hope his luck stayed with him, in civilian-life as well!☺)

The fact that it's handwritten, and relatively-good prose---plus, the fact they actually allow him to smoke, period---would suggest this is, indeed, a letter from AT LEAST 20-years ago, very-likely more.

What to do with it. Hmm, kind of one of those "Catch-22"-situations. Wouldn't know where to start. From a moral-viewpoint, one would love to see it back in the hands of it's original-"intents". And, with enough research, one could find such, true.

But it'll take more time, effort, and possible expense, than you'd care to invest, and still have no-guarantee of the outcome.

You COULD pay a visit to your local-VFW or American Legion Post---especially if you know/have any friends who are members---and ask if they'd be interested in such. That would give you the knowledge that you'd "done your part", well---"just-because". And, they may like it for their archives, as well. And, somebody just might know this guy. He may even see it himself, if he happens to visit the Post someday!

On the OTHER-hand, you can just place an-explanatory note on/with it, re-fold it, tuck-it away someplace safe, and STILL-be confident in the knowledge/fact that it'll always be safe and available to it's original-owner, at least as long as you're still-alive.


I opt for number 1: VFW/Legion-Post(s). But, I would, naturally---because I'm lookin' at it "from the other-side of the Twilight-Zone".☺

Whatever you decide, just remember: It is NOT-possible for YOU to make a wrong-decision, regardless of which-option you choose.

I find it quite-humbling, that YOU cared-enough to "save"-it from the elements---but someone-else did not.

If you were "in-range", I'd hug ya', an' give ya' a kiss on the cheek!

Just because....

*Goddess* said...

I couldn't throw it in the garbage. I felt horrible when I found out my mother threw away most of my dad's letters, even though we didn't have much of a relationship. I just felt they would have offered some insight into something (and someone!) I knew very little about.

I would like to know if "Dad & Mom" are still alive and if Michael is still alive. I didn't think about the smoking thing, but I did notice Paris Island and for some reason, I thought only boot was done on P.I. but I'm sure--once again---I'm!

And if YOU were range, I'd take the hug & kiss!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, good ol' Parris Island. If you were living EAST of the Mississippi upon induction, you went to Parris, SC, or Lejuene, NC.(Parris ONLY for female recruits.) If you lived WEST of the Mississippi, you generally went to San Diego, CA, as a "Hollywood"-marine recruit---except for the women, who still go to Parris, regardless.

Nope, "boot" is where THEY-make it. Once you've completed boot, and are assigned your MOS, or specialty? They may shuffle you back and forth, between all THREE-main Receiving Depots---and about a hundred-others that aren't even on the map, literally!☺

This(lucky!)fella was probably injured during training, and was on his way home...