Wednesday, August 01, 2012

copy that

mr wonderful day guy is starting to grate on my nerves.

it's getting to the point where i don't even want to go to the convenience store in the morning to buy my little debbie fudge round power breakfast.

every morning our conversations go a little something like this:
him: how are YOU today? (always spoken in an overly cheerful fake voice)
me: fine, thanks.
me: how are you doing? (always spoken in an 'i really don't care but now i feel obligated to axe' voice)
me: ok thanks (as he hands me my change)
him: have a WONDERFUL day!

i cant' figure out if he was valedictorian of the convenience store customer friendliness class or if he's being sarcastic in a 'super de-duper!' Barney kind of way.

i suspect the latter.

one of these days i'm gonna slip him a thesaurus along with my

btw, mr wonderful day guy is in direct contrast to his co-worker who started slamming things around today because i returned a food order that wasn't what i asked for.

gurl, let me give you a piece of advice: i didn't yell, i didn't rave and i didn't swear at you. i simply told you it wasn't what i asked for and i wanted my money back. if you're going to take every issue as a criticism of yourself, you need to GET OUT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE PRONTO cuz it's gonna eat you alive.


BRUNO said...

Well, it's better than the alternative.

"Hello! And, how are YOU today?"

"Fine, thanks."

"That's WONDERFUL---you lucky-bastard...!"

*Goddess* said...

BUT the thing is he EXPECTS me to say something good, so when he asks me how I'm am, I'm dying to pretend to be all sad and say, "oh gawd my cats are sick...i cried all night long while i hugged them". but i could never pull it off with a straight face...dang it!

BRUNO said...

Do 'im like I did with my-bunch of crows, when I was still working on the job. They'd come slathering-in just minutes before starting time with that syrupy "How are you today, Bruno-boy?"

My-response was simple: "I suck. And, so will you, in another-five minutes..."

Separated the true-cares from the suck-ups, in NO-time flat...!☺