Thursday, June 14, 2012

she's a brainyack brainyack on the floor

I can see pictures of people who have been murdered with their throat sliced, or in accidents with their vital organs open for all to see and yet this picture of the brain that I saw in a news story two days ago has been bugging the HELL OUT OF ME!

And I don't know WHY it upsets me so much! I don't know if it's because the brain is flat or because it looks like some grotesque mask, but it's really bothering me.  BRRRRRRRR!

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BRUNO said...

Shee-it, I thought it was the top of a fancy-assed apple-pie crust, until I read on a bit-farther? Seriously!

Guess a fella could saute' it in butter, add an egg or two, an' make a kick-ass "Zombie Brain Omelet" for breakfast?...