Sunday, June 03, 2012

it always makes me sad

When I'm in the stores this time of year and realize Mr. G and I don't have fathers anymore to buy Father's Day cards for.

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BRUNO said...

It makes me beyond sad---but by being that way, I'm accused of being "insensitive", and "condescending", to those who are still-fortunate to have one---or both---parents still alive. I get accused of "stealing the joy" of the occasion.

So anymore, when it's blared at me from a "Fathers/Mothers-Day-SALE!!!" by a glaring-headline, a loud-mouthed speaker, or just a well-meaning checkout person?

I just try to get my business done with the establishment, leave with my negative-vibes, and when I get back to my car/truck---I give myself the pleasure of a 15-second prayer of forgiveness, for those who have yet to experience, and learn what it feels like, on THIS-side of the fence, so to speak...