Saturday, April 28, 2012

why is it...

that every time i drag my ass out of bed on a saturday morning and go to the grocery store in a baggy sweatshirt, equally baggy jeans and beat up sneakers, i am sandwiched in between two women who look like they're headed for the Beautiful Women Hall of Fame with their tight jeans, hooker heels and two inch red nails?! Not to mention their three feet of hair and perfectly made up faces!!!


 It's the GROCERY store.

Next time I expect the people in front and back of me to be fat, with no teeth and back braces!!!


BRUNO said...

I wanna see pictures of those slices of bread you're 'sandwiched' between!☺

The "Hall Of Famers" that is---NOT the "no-teeth, back-brace"-ones.

I see enough of those in real-life, at the "Food-Stations" I'm forced to buy at.

Can't afford those name-brand, unionized-stores, where the "eye-candy" buys their food...!!!

*Goddess* said...

Hey, I will take pictures or trains or bridges but i'll be damned if i'm taking pictures of good looking women!

*Goddess* said...

P.S. I'm telling your wife!

BRUNO said...

OK, then just take pics of UGLY-women---but, they gotta have a nice-ass, an' legs to-boot!☺

But remember: When I look from the rear, I wanna see a "Cadillac-Backside", and NOT the ass-end of a Mack dump-truck, complete with a leaky-seal, that just drips when standing still....!☺

BRUNO said...

And, P-double-S: Go ahead and tell her---she looks at MEN! Now, THAT'S perverted, to me!

(Wait a sec---that's NORMAL, for WOMEN, ain't it? I plumb forgot there was a difference between the two.....!☺)