Monday, April 09, 2012

hmm, had trouble with this one

'name an occupation whose afternoon visits women dream about' ....and i kept drawing a total blank. this is where it sucks to work daylight...WHO comes in the afternoon, damn it?!

I put cop, but to be fair i put 'cop' for just about any question dealing with sex and men.

the top answer was: plumper but as soon as I wrote "WHO comes in the afternoon?" UPS popped into my head.


BRUNO said...

Did you REALLY mean 'plumper'? Or were you shootin' for 'plumber'?

'Plumper' sounds kinda---'suggestive'---like, 'swallowing a pumpkin-seed'......☺!!!

*Goddess* said...

I ALWAYS want to put 'plumper' for 'plumber'!!! I mean, Super Girl wrote that...the idiot. It's like every time I type "bride", I type "bridge" instead. Guess I'm tyslexic!

BRUNO said...

Well, that explains why you took that 'bride'-apart one section at a time last week...!

*Goddess* said...

LOL! I miss the Brayman guys...that was some nice looking horseflesh there....made the walks so much more enjoyable. Sigh.

BRUNO said...

Don't worry---I'm sure something else will need destroyed again, soon, and "The Brayman-Boys" will be back.

(Or maybe the "Backstreet-Boys" will be back, 'braying' for your attention...!☺