Friday, April 06, 2012


Two of my alter-egos--Blondie and Super Girl played several rounds of Family Feud tonight and guess what?

Blondie was the hands down winner.

Blondie won almost ALL of the Fast Money rounds while brunette Super Girl won only TWO out of twelve. She also gave answers such as this: "Something circus people ride....POODLES".

Yeah, sure they do.


BRUNO said...

I thought I was the only-one to have more than ONE "alter-ego"?☺

Come in handy sometimes, don't they?

*Goddess* said...

Sure the smart one comes in handy, but I could do without the dumb one!

BRUNO said...

Oh-h-h---I'm supposed to have a SMART-one, too???

D'-OH!!! No wonder my REAL-life sucks...!☺