Friday, March 30, 2012

Talk About Your Evil Chicks....

This is my favorite character from HOP, Carlos the ambitious chick, who is only too happy to take over the job of Easter Bunny, voiced by Hank Azaria.


BRUNO said...

"You need to go CAMPING more!!!"☺

Sorry! I just CAN'T get that---"character"---out of my head!

And, he STILL "walks amongst us"......!!!

(Damn! Some of these "prove you're not a robot!"-proofs are a real-bytch!)

*Goddess* said...

yeah, I feel like I'm taking a friggin eye test with every one of them!

BRUNO said...

Yeah---a test afterwards, to see if you still HAVE any vision!

Wonder sometimes if they done this "new"-proof to DISCOURAGE-blogging, sometimes?

You know, go to Facebook-instead, or "tweet" about it?

'Milk'-you for even MORE personal-info?