Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can You Say "Delusional," Kids?

I was at work today in the middle of a phone call when my gf texted "OMG! OMG! EMERGENCY!! CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!!"

Naturally I rushed our customer to find out what happened. When she answered the phone she all but yelled, "OMG! DAVY JONES IS DEAD!!"

I said, "Look. You're almost 50 years old. It was never going to happen between you and Davy anyway. This is not like the time I was 15 and engaged to both David Cassidy AND Bobby Sherman and they fought over me so much I got bored and broke up with both of them! Your are  DELUSIONAL. Set your sights on somebody attainable like Der Hasselhoff and stop with the pipe dreams!"

BTW, ironically I always like Michael Nesmith while most chicks grooved on Davy Jones. And guess who became the gajillionaire? That's right...Michael Nesmith.

Life Lesson #2578.5: The nerdy, shy guy will ALWAYS become the rich one!