Friday, November 25, 2011

good job, Macys!

I saw this commercial last and I couldn't stop laughing!


BRUNO said...

Yeah, guess it's a "chick"-thing!☺ I personally can't stand the lil' bastard!

I was thinking the TARGET-commercial, where the gal is gettin' in-condition for Black Friday, and when the doors open, she rips-ass down the aisle in-heels, like a wide-receiver with a hot-pigskin!

("Hot-Pigskin" would be a "Cold-Feetball" to you No'reasterners "up-theah", y' know...!)

*Goddess* said...

Oh I can't stand him either but the girlish screams are a hoot. I especially love the guy loading stock at the store with the facial who stomps his feet at the same time....LOL!

*Goddess* said...

I don't remember seeing the one you mentioned.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, it was famous LAST-year too---and they literally brought it back for THIS-season again. Or, at least they did "a-round-heah"? Maybe it's a regional-thang!

Wal-Mart needs to go back to their OLD-retro theme & slogan. Sorry, but the newer-"rad"-versions??? Like a wormless-hook---I ain't bitin' on it...!