Saturday, October 29, 2011

bridge over a troubled Goddess

Any Brayman guys on Blogger? What the HECK is this big machine that I keep seeing during bridge construction? It's aqua in color and has a big arm that reaches up over the bridge....which you would know if you worked for Brayman. Sigh.


BRUNO said...

I ain't from Brayman, but I can tell ya' what it is: It's a Concrete-Pump, for lack of a better, real-name.

Pumps from a bulk-supply of concrete-"sludge", to those otherwise inaccessible parts of a huge-project. Beats the hell outta doin' it one-truck at a time, esp. with something this big!

And, BTW: That's a MEDIUM-sized one---you should see the BIG-sombitches they use on high-rise buildings!

(Don't believe it? Try YouTube for somethin' like, "concrete-pumping", or somethin'?)

*Goddess* said...

Oooh you know what I thought it was? Don't you have to constantly run water over cement to set it? I thought that's what it was doing....LOL

BRUNO said...

Well, you got HALF-the subject right, anyhow!☺ Can't make concrete without the water, can we now, you sweet-hunk of a voluptuous-blonde, you......!

(Oh, and when they get done, an' the cement sets? They tie a fella upside-down by his ankles, on the very end of it, with a paint-brush an' a bucket of DOT-paint, so's to get the stripes on ASAP...!☺)