Saturday, August 13, 2011

*insert achy, tired groan of old person here*

I was telling a YOUNGSTER about the balsa wood airplanes we used to have as kids. We loved those things. My dad used to buy them for us and we'd add the wings and the tail thingy and play with them for hours. Or until they hit into the side of the house and broke;)

Anybody else remember these or am I the only oldster???


BRUNO said...

The hell YOU say!

Didja' ever get the one's with the rubber-band "motor" an' a prop? Or were all of yours gliders?

Then as I got a bit-older, I'd came about a naptha/oil-mix-powered(OK---'gas'!), .049 Cox-powered P-51-D fighter-plane, w/hand controls.

But, it'd NEVER-"fly", with todays' litigation-crazed world: Too-much daydreaming when you released the "good-common-sense"-starter COULD-effectively lose you a FINGER, or TWO...!☺

*Goddess* said...

Mine were all gliders BUT we did have the rubber band submarines! Probably why Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was one of my favorite shows at the time:)

BRUNO said...

My sister popped-me in the forehead when I was a leetle-feller, with one of those balsa-gliders. That metal-balance-weight on the nose of it split my-hide, and it took-on the appearance of an Ali-vs.-Foreman fight---an' I was the LOSER!☺

Gawd, I thought I'd done died before my time! Blood all-over my face, shirt---man, I thought I was TERMINAL, at least 'til Grandma showed-up with a wash-cloth, mercurichrome, an' a J&J-BandAid!

Then I went-around, showcasing my "wound" from the "fight"!

Damn, I was COOL for an entire-day, with the other "street-urchins" I came-across on the walk back-home that evening...!

*Goddess* said...

A quart looking to get laid. Ok, that didn't work but you get my point.