Saturday, August 06, 2011

i just don't get it

I was talking to one of our employees the other day. She works full time---40 hours a week--and yet I'm always filling out unemployment papers for her.

I said, "How can you get unemployment when you're working full time?"

She said, "That has nothing to do with it. Because there's a gap between what I made and what I make now, I can sign up, even if I'm working 40 hours a week."

GMAFB. It's so apparent why this country is in the crapper.


Deputy's Wife said...

Flippin ridiculous! Ugh.

BRUNO said...

She wouldn't/couldn't pull that but for ONE-time here in MO.---her 1099-IRS form would hang-her ass out to dry, come April. Our "bennies" are TAXED as "regular-income"...!☺

(Now, HERE, she CAN claim "temporarily-permanent" part-time worker-status. But, that only effects your payment-ELIGIBILITY, and not the amount.)

KARMA, babe---KARMA......!!!☺

*Goddess* said...

What cheesed me off is that she actually had the nerve to be pissed about dealing with them over the phone. I said, "try standing in line for hours and see if that allows you to appreciate the situation...." jackass!

BRUNO said...

Why doesn't she "do-it" ONLINE? If MO. can accomplish such, surely PA. does, too?

A(hopeful!)clarification, of my earlier-comment: My wife is actually considered as PART-time, by the MO. Career Center---a.k.a., formerly Job Service---, and she currently works at least 42/45-hours per WEEK, @ $10.50/hr.---gross-pay, of course. But, she draws NO-unemployment benefits, and has NO-requirement to file-weekly, whatsoever.

However, should her hours(income)suddenly fall-below the "cut-off" point of U.I.-benefits, she would automatically resume receiving such, without the normal "full-timers" 2-week waiting period. As long as her EMPLOYER keeps her classified as part-time, this is the "rule rather than the exception".

Like I said, PA. may be totally-different---but I'll be damned if I can figure out what your "Jane Doe"-here is trying to successfully pull-off...???

*Goddess* said...

Yes you can deal with them on the computer, but she said when there are questions, she has to (GASP!) call in and talk to them.

She works 42-45 hours and she's PART TIME?! What in the world do they consider full time? Here it's 40 hours, but some places, like WalMart, I think they consider 34 hours full time.

She just said that because there is such a gap in wages, she can file. and of course she's considered a full time employee since that's what she "normally" gets. For the last two weeks that she signed up she worked 38 hours and 42 hours. What PISSES me off is she'll call of and then sign up for those lost hours, so I've been marking that on her paper, that it was a call off and hours were available. I don't know if that hinders the ease of getting aid or not.

BRUNO said...

Regular "normal" full-time here is anything up-to 40-hours/week. And, yes, Mrs.B draws time-and-a-half for anything over.

BUT---since she's a contract-only worker, for a family-owned cleaning outfit, with no-pension/medical benefits, her "Boss-Lady" keeps her designated as part-time, so if/when there's a lapse in contracts, U.I.-payments will begin on-the-spot, IF her income drops to that level. All she has to do is re-file her ORIGINAL-claim.

In other words, she never returns to PERMANENT full-time, in re: to U.I./Career Center.

And, IF your U.I.-benefits "consultants"---or whatever you call them, "up-there"☺---don't catch-on to the fact that YOU have stated "hours ARE/WERE"-available?

Then, in-deed, something IS rotten in Pennsylvania. Shouldn't be able to "ignore" hours-available, EXCEPT for health, and some personal-reasons.

(As a matter of fact, here in MO., if you're injured, hospitalized, etc.---you will be DENIED U.I.-payments, because you WEREN'T AVAILABLE FOR FULL/PART-TIME WORK as you promised!)

Now, THAT'S-harsh for ya'...!!!

*Goddess* said...

That's the way it USED to be here, too, but it's gotten to the point where I write "work hours available; has refused". I just don't think it's fair to refuse work and sign up.

BRUNO said...

And, another thing, before I let this "fish-rot-in-the-sun": You mean to tell me, that PA. DOESN'T require a literal "face-to-face" at a time/date of THEIR-discretion, usually-during the last-week of each month claimed?

(It's random, to make SURE you don't have a job. Ironic, ain't it?☺)

OMG! Just the HINT of one-"hours-available, has-refused"-around here---an' you've got some 'splaining to do...!

*Goddess* said...

Oh HELL no that was done away with a long time ago. The closest unemployment center is like an hour away so it's all done on the computer and by phone.

Someone told me today that it's because there's such a difference between what she was getting in unemployment and what she's being paid to work now that she can sign up, so I guess I was wrong and I have to credit her with actually working instead of sitting home on her butt. But when my husband was on unemployment years ago, the minute he went back to work, he didn't collect a damn dime and it was WAY less than what he had been making before.