Saturday, July 30, 2011

thank God for my good heatlh

My back was bugging me somewhat today and I was walking around feeling sorry for po' po' pitiful me because I had a hard time getting comfortable last night and the spasms kept waking me.

Then I received a prayer chain email asking us to pray for a cop and his wife in California who was losing her battle with ovarian and cervical cancer. It made me incredibly sad to think that some young woman was losing her life today and that possibly by tomorrow, her children and husband would have a gaping hole in their life, that used to be filled with her presence and her love. They would be struggling to make sense of what was happening to them.

Suddenly my back pain didn't seem all that important, and I realized how much I take my good health for granted, and how lucky I am to have had another year with my husband and family.

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