Friday, July 15, 2011

the neighborhood watch program is alive and well

The phone rang last night at 10:30. Of course, my first thought was, "Somebody I know has been in a TRAUMATIC ACCIDENT!! OR BLEEDING TO DEATH ON THE STREET!! OR DEAD!! OOOOR it's the Publisher's Clearing House and they've been circling the block all day trying to find my trailer!!" 

Look for the trailer with pink flamingos standing on rusty, broken legs in the front yard!!

I was wrong.

It was my 94 year old mother.


She was calling to tell me she saw a truck turning into the business establishment located directly above my back yard and she was convinced they had nefarious reasons for doing so. (That Word a Day calendar is paying off in...ummm...ummm...hearts!)

She then told me to 'go up and check it out.'

Like a COMPLETE LOON, I did just that. I got in the car sans cell phone and drove up there. What the hell I would have done had I walked into a burglary (or a non-musical version of West Side Story rumble scene?!) is beyond me.

Alas it was some poor working schlub hooking up a disabled vehicle to his wrecker.

So I live to face another day. And wait impatiently for the Publisher's Clearing House dude. 

Avoid the piles that are my life on the front stoop!

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BRUNO said...

Sometimes makes me feel GOOD, knowing I'll NOT live to be 94...!☺☺☺!