Sunday, July 03, 2011

i'll be alright once i find the other side of someday

I was reading a blog post earlier about a woman who had died from breast cancer after refusing mainstream chemo and radiation. Her spouse was bitter that she looked for "miracles" in alternative therapies and meditation, etc. calling them "snake oils" and people who sold them "thieves" preying on people's hopes.

 I try not to read these sorts of things because first of all, I feel for the spouse that has been left behind. They are trying to deal with their pain the best way they can. But secondly, because the underlying message is always, "My spouse would still be alive had she undergone radiation and chemo" and that's simply not the truth.

 People die from radiation and chemo ALL THE TIME. And seeing what my brother in law went through, it's not a pretty death. It's not a peaceful death. It's a death that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. When he wasn't undergoing chemo and radiation, he was either throwing up, too weak to move or out of his mind on pain killers. He not only lost his hair, but he lost his eyesight and his hearing. He had problems with short term memory. They don't tell you those sorts of things.

 Now I'm not saying natural remedies are the way to go. I'm not saying mainstream med's answers are right either. I AM saying that PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE and if we REALLY love them, then we have to support the choice they've made, EVEN IF, it's not one that we would have made. Even if, we're left behind with no answers, looking for someone to blame.


BRUNO said...

My late sister claimed that just prior to her final-course of treatments, the doctor told her that "...a lot of the ingredients in this chemotherapy actually are natural in-origin. But if we told most-people that? They'd give-up on the spot, because they WANT something that's a "miracle"---not something more logical."(I should point-out: This was the "third-strike" for her, and she'd volunteered to be a "guinea-pig", if you will, for possible "alternate"-treatments, since she was now Stage 4, advanced.)

ALL-natural didn't help her one bit, but, a "cocktail" of natural & lab-produced did, indeed, slow-down the progression---although actually all it did, literally, was to prolong her pain and suffering---at least as far as I could see it. But, it DID lengthen her "life" by several weeks.

She was a LOT-more of a fighter of death, than I could EVER be. Home-Hospice furnished her with a vial of morphine that was more than enough to, umm, "do the job", had she chosen to.

I'm sorry, but with the temptation of no-more PAIN, that-close? I could(would)-NOT have been able to RESIST that "option". Obviously, she had more to lose, than I would have?

INTERFERON is basically "all-natural"---a Formulatory-Pharmacist can mix it for Veterinarians within a matter of hours---and it does work well for most NON-HUMAN "animals"---but for human use, the dosage is SO-massive, as compared to the "standard"-chemo, that it's practically self-defeating---or at least it was, for HER.

I could go on for hours---but you get the general-picture...

*Goddess* said...

My aunt lived longer with chemo too, as my mother always points out. But she forgets to mention that 75% of that year she was sick and in the hospital because even the slightest germ would defeat her almost non-existent immune system. I think it's quality not quantity, and I already told Geo if either of us get in that situation, we'll 'accidentally' give the other too much morphine.

BRUNO said...

Well, that's what I was trying to say, but my fingers got carried-away!

Oh, there's NO doubt about the quality-vs.-quantity, for me, either.

Sis just literally fell-apart in the span of one week, after they stopped all efforts with the chemo. Her physical-body had just given her all it could give, y' know?