Sunday, July 17, 2011

feel the heat pushing you to decide

I'm constantly amazed at how self-absorbed people are these days. I just came home from a shower and there was the bride to be opening gifts with one hand and FREAKING TEXTING with the other.

How f'ing self involved can you get? And there were no "thank you for coming"s , no walking around chatting with the guests because AGAIN she was sitting too busy TEXTING. If you expect people to come to your shower and spend their money on your gift, the VERY LEAST YOU CAN DO IS GIVE THEM SOME ATTENTION!!

And that's not even mentioning the guests who were walking around chatting on their cells phones. The shower was two damn hours. People can't unplug for one hundred and twenty minutes?! Unreal.


BRUNO said...

Be glad she wasn't texting YOU, as that damned-texting charge-per-byte goes BOTH-ways, even if YOU don't acknowledge the text. THAT is what rubs MY-ass raw...!!!☺

*Goddess* said...

Not if you have an unlimited texting plan:) Wouldn't have mattered if she texted me anyway. I had the common sense to turn my damn phone OFF.

BUT if this rubs you raw--although I firmly believe it's something else that's rubbing you raw, but that's another story all together--don't ever get a TracFone because EVErYTHING costs money...texting, calling--regardless of whether or not they call you and THAT really sucks!

BRUNO said...

And, yet ANOTHER down-side to TracFone: Being most are used as "disposables", a LOT of the assigned, previously-used numbers have, shall we say, "Questionable-Origins"???

Y' get what you pay for!

I do wish AT&T---or whatever they'll be calling themselves NEXT-month!---would enable a way to BLOCK-unwanted texting/callers, like they do for land-line, even if they did/do charge for it.

If there's a way, I hain't found it yet.....!!!

*Goddess* said...

But I know there's no way an AT&T or Verizon plan could touch the low cost of TracFone so that's why I keep it. It does piss me off though that I have to pay to talk to my husband and vice versa when we both have TracFones. Next time I get one of their handy dandy "what features are you looking for" survey, I'm going to suggest FREE calling between other TracFone users. Sucks.

BRUNO said...

Well, this IS true, about the price.....