Saturday, June 18, 2011

yes! let's end Juvenile Diabetes by drinking large amounts of high fructose corn syrup!!

Another brilliant marketing strategy by KFC.

Next they'll be offering free buckets o'fatty chicken to members of Overeaters Anonymous!

Monday, June 13, 2011

it's date night!

That's right. Moi has a date tonight. And NO, it's NOT with Mr. G.

I have a date with a man who has nothing else on his mind but putting his hands all over my body. And I fully intend to let him. It's purely physical between the two of us. I don't care about the books he's read or the movies he's seen or whether or not he can support my sixteen offspring at some point in the very near future. That's of no concern to me.  I just want to feel good.

I'm not feeling the least bit guilty about it either. I HAVE NEEDS, DAMN IT!!

And right now my biggest need is to get that right hip back into place......suckers!