Monday, May 09, 2011

so you want to live in a world without malaria

Female Offspring #8 came home from school and told me they are having a "walk a thon for malaria". She wanted me to sponsor her.

That one had me a tad stumped. I mean, I can't remember the last case of malaria we had in the trailer court. Schure we did have a few outbreaks of leprosy in '07, but malaria? Huh uh.

I said, "When you get to school tomorrow, tell your teacher that your mother wants to know if this is a walk a thon for MORE malaria or LESS malaria?"


Meadowlark said...

For the record, I am very afraid of malaria. Which is why whenever I travel to see YoungSon & his wife, the kid and I *insist* on taking our "malaria medicine". ;) (Gin & Tonic, of course!)

Maybe next there'll be a beriberi walk?

BRUNO said...

"But, it's for the freakin' CHILDREN, already! I'll never understand 'YOUR-kind' of people!"....☺