Sunday, May 08, 2011

and a Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

I received this Mother's Day card from the offspring today and the message really upset me. Oh schure THEY think it's a joke, but I was in tears.

It made me question my mothering skilz.

Do these kids not realize I gave them the best years of my crappy life by refusing to marry any of their low achieving fathers and live in a trailer court?! Do they not realize how much I struggled to to support them and listen to all their (usually criminally related) problems? Do they not realize I would never buy expensive drain cleaner like Drano because that would give me less money for my cigarettes and booze?! HAVE I TAUGHT THEM NOTHING?! D*mn stupid kids...mutter, mutter.

Ok, it's almost 11 am. Time to spend some quality time with my new bf Mr. Beam...


BRUNO said...

"Do they realize I gave...."?
" much I struggled.."?
"....I would never buy....."?

Answer: N-O---NO! So, do THEY care, if YOU care?

Answer again is: NO!

"Why can't they be NORMAL, like OTHER-kids?"

Answer: They ARE-"normal", just like "other-kids"!

And yet, you STILL love them! Wanna piss-'em off, each and every day? It's easy, AND legal:

Just tell them that you still LOVE-them, each chance you get.

REVENGE is best-served CONSTANTLY, so as to crack even the hardest-nut shell...!☺

(Oh, and love the "retro" copper-bottom Revere-Ware™ on the stove.)

I think I still have one like that, which I use to wash-parts in...?

*Goddess* said...

Tell them I still love them?! WHY is there always a catch, Bruno?!!!

BRUNO said...

It's called "Reverse-Psychology"! "Mind-Warfare"!

And, it ALWAYS-works!

I'm a "Professional-Hater"---I've done this for years, now.....!☺