Monday, April 25, 2011


The amboolance took Mr. G to the hospital last night after he couldn't "shake off" appendicitis as well as he thought he could.

He shall be returning him minus the pus filled --I wanted to write pus-y appendix, but it came out looking like 'pussy' and I knew some smart ass--yeah Bruno, YOU!!--would say, "what does pussy have to do with your appendix?!"

Regardless pus-y or pussy, he doesn't have the damn appendix anymo!

Oh, humorous little addendum here: as they're wheeling my husband into the OR, I leaned over to kiss him and I said, "I love you. We'll be here waiting for you when the surgery is over," and he looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I love you, too. Don't forget to renew my library books. I forgot."


BRUNO said...

GANGRENOUS, my dear blonde! As in, "full of green-pus".

Say-hey, how's about some macaroni an' cheese, with GREEN-peas, tonight for dinner.....?☺!

*Goddess* said...

SERIOUSLY?! What's the chances I'm going to come up with "gangrenous"?!

BRUNO said...

About the same as HIS-chances of comin' up with PUSSY, 'til he limbers-up again, anyways.....!!!

(Didn't think I'd be back, didja'???)