Sunday, April 24, 2011

time for another installment of Good News, Bad News

Good news: Holly is feeling much better these days after the "bone almost kills dog" incident of '11.

So much so that when she was out doing her business early this morning---yeah, this is the bad news--she chased the Easter Bunny and caught him after he deposited the children's baskets on the front stoop of the trailer.

While he made a yummy breakfast for Holly, sadly the offspring were traumatized, which gave me plenty of time to raid their baskets and remove any chocolate likeness of the Easter Bunny. You know, for their own good and all that.

Happy Easter!!!


BRUNO said...

Just like "in da'-hood", eh? I mean, while you're watchin' a traumatic-scene in front of ya', some(blonde!)body-else is rippin' off the victims of the original-"crime"!

Hell, one of these days, they'll probably re-name a "State-Street" for "Da'Blonde".....!!!☺

BRUNO said...

And it seems you an' "Sally Forth" really DO have something in-common, judging by the Easter-strip!

Really!!! Such behavior, for an, an,---"ADULT"!!!......☺

*Goddess* said...

I heart Sally. And I can't believe she psyched the kid out by NOT eating the!

Happy Easter to you and da Missus:)