Saturday, March 26, 2011

issues, issues, issues....and yes, I'm STILL bitching about Direct TV!

I downloaded FireFox 4  on my laptop to see if it helps with those endless "stop script" error messages. I'm so sick of them slowing up everything. First thing I opened created a "stop script" error message, BUT instead of hanging up endlessly, when I hit 'stop script' it stopped immediately. I don't know how to fix that mess. I removed add ons which I read might cause that, but I don't know how to get rid of it permanently. I'm thinking of buying another laptop, removing the old hard drive and dumping it all together. I can't close the lid because the hinge is broken. It's hella slow since I had the problems with viruses and I really want one for email and watching vids when Mr. G is using the desktop.  Or he can use it when I'm on the desktop.

We seem to be on the computer more than anything. The only time I watch that crappy $70 a month Direct TV is when I want to watch Y&R at night while Mr. G watches Netflix. We did get a Roku box for Christmas but the picture quality is crap and I'm very disappointed that I can't watch FREE Hulu on Roku. It has to be the paid version. Yeah, I'm really going to add ANOTHER $8 to my tv experience. I don't think so. I'm contacting cable to see if they have any deals on tv alone. I'm not interested in changing internet or phone, just deleting this ridiculous tv bill.

Speaking of the Roku box, here's my big gripe about it: you have to give them your credit card information upon installation IN CASE you want to purchase a video in the future. When I got a recent survey, I blasted them on this issue. IF the Roku box hadn't been a gift, I would have taken it right back to the store. They only need my credit card information WHEN and IF I ever buy a video. Since we used it for Netflix, buying vids wasn't an issue in the first place. Secondly, the picture quality Roku sucks. 

I had to work 12 hours yesterday so of course, Mr. G didn't turn the furnace on all day. It was chilly when I got home, but he was in bed already and he complains that he can't breathe when I have the furnace running and he's trying to sleep. I knew he had to be at work at 3 a.m so I brought my EdenPure into the computer room, shut the door and it was nice and cozy. I heated up my bedroom, too, before bed. Around 4:30, I woke up and the house was FREEZING COLD. I ran to the bathroom, all the while bitching about how cold the house was. Hell, the dog even got up on the bed with me and snuggled under the covers. She laid beside me like a human being and I was laying tight up against her side because she's like a furnace. Before I went back to bed, I RAN downstairs and turned on the furnace then RAN into the living room to check the thermometer: 29 degrees outside and FORTY TWO DEGREES INSIDE. It took two hours for the house to reach sixty degrees!  I was SO MAD because I knew he hadn't run the furnace all day on Friday. 

There's a difference between being frugal and being just plain CRAZY!