Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ya gotta love PR people

I just LOVE how the "health" industry is dancing all around the latest news that drinking diet soda causes a higher risk of stroke and heart attacks.

The hilarious part is how they're all acting like they don't know why this is. They know damn well it's the chemical laden artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas that put us at risk. But they're so busy telling us how SAFE the artificial sweeteners are that they can't very well come out and tell us the truth now, can they? Especially since so many people are diabetic and turning to MORE artificial sweetners.

There's a brand new one out on the market that's allegedly just as bad as all the others, and I can't recall the name at the moment.

Let's get real: the only "safe" sweetener is Stevia and the soda companies and food companies are trying really hard to make THAT unhealthy, too, by adding chemical garbage to it, all the while claiming it's pure.

So I've whittled myself down to one Diet Pepsi a day, sometimes I can go two and three days, but this is not even the most tempting time of the year for me. For me, it's the hott days of summer, when I finish cutting grass and all I want to do is come into the house, fill a glass full of ice and cold Diet Pepsi. Now I have to work on giving that up, too. Sigh.


BRUNO said...

Yeah, well, just wait 'til they go nationwide, with that proposed "Fat-Tax" on ALL-beverages, including Diet, for the(health) reason(s)you gave, above. The more sugar, calories---and, ADDITIVES!---the more the TAX, the higher the price, as a "penalty" for your enjoyment.

Think whats' happened in EGYPT, can't happen here? Don't fool yourself, something similar CAN and WILL-happen HERE in the U.S., if we don't get this "Let them eat cake!"-type of government OUT, and back on the roadway before much longer.

And when that time does come, it ain't gonna matter WHAT-color our president is, let alone their political-persuasion: He or she will bleed RED, just like the rest of us.

Threat? No way. Just an opinion, and that's all it's intended to be.

And, it all started with a damned-bottle of SODA....!!!☺

*Goddess* said...

I think once the whole "food shortage" hits the U.S. things are going to change really quickly too. We're hearing about it in other countries, but it's coming here.

BTW, forget the whole diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max thing. PM is just loaded with caffeine, with a big of ginseng tossed in to make it sound healthy. I dont need any more caffeine, thank you.

BRUNO said...

Can't stand Pepsi---it always reminded me of a kerosene-sort of taste?

Didn't mean to sound like the apocalypse is near---but, it CAN, indeed, happen HERE as well, in the form of food-shortage, as you've pointed out. We've become too "soft", too dependent upon that very-same thing that's tearing apart those "other-countries" you mention.

Not many would survive, they've forgotten---or never learned---the three-basics of survival in a suddenly-catastrophic situation: Improvise equipment. Adapt it to your basic needs. Overcome those who would take you down, in that moment of weakness.

(No, babe, I ain't on some-kinda drug-induced stupor right now: I'm just "doin' the laundry" of my mind, so to speak...!)☺