Friday, February 11, 2011

Goddess of the Universe, COME ON DOWN!!

One great thing about having a new computer is that it's loaded with games. Games that I didn't have on my old computer like Scrabble, Monopoly (ok I hate Monolopy) AND The Price is Right!!!

One of the games was called Virtual Family. Puhleeze. I have enough dysfunction in my own REAL family, I don't need to deal with all the drama of a Virtual Family.

So I was playing The Price is Right last night under the ASSumed identity Hans Down. Hans is in the military,and apparently not that smart when it comes to making decisions. Hans decided to pass on a Dodge Caravan in the Showcase Showdown because it came with a cruise and Hans knew that after spending all that time in the military there was no way in hell he was going to step foot on a ship. 

What the hell did Hans end up with? He won a frigging wave runner! What the hell am I going--I mean, what the hell is Hans going to do with a damn wave runner?! The only upside is that it came with a year's supply of Ghiradelli chocolate. Sigh.

BTW, around 1 am-ish my husband stuck his head into the computer room and said, "What are you doing? All I can hear is someone yelling, "Come on down"!" LOLOL!

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BRUNO said...

Y'know, that's "weird", in that I've NEVER-messed with the games on my desktop OR my cell-phone! Gives me a headache, just like this damned-BLOGGING!!!☺

But I tolerate the PAIN, 'cause I like meeting HOTT, BLONDE-WOMEN---even if it's only in the mind!!!

I should've been a plumber, as much as I work down here, in the gutter.

But, you meet such interesting-people, there sometimes...!☺