Sunday, January 02, 2011

you're not wearing THAT, are you?

Dress pants
I was walking down the aisle at Dollar General the other night when a guy stepped out in front of me from a side aisle.

I immediately gave the universal sound of surprise "whoops!" and stepped back, and when he crossed in front of me, I glanced down at his pants and almost burst out laughing.

NOT dress pants!!

At Christmas, I gave Mr. G two pairs of flannel "sleep pants" which we women appropriately call 'PAJAMAS'. Along with the pants I gave him this warning--the very SAME warning I gave him when I gave him boxer shorts: "If I EVER catch you wearing these in public, I WILL BURN THEM!!!!"

The reason I almost burst out laughing when I saw the dude at DG is because he was wearing the exact same pants I gave my husband and I thought, "Hmm, some lady just lost that battle." Worse than the pants, though, was the fact that Mr. No Fashionsense actually tucked his t-shirt into the pants as if that somewhat legitimized them and made it an "outfit". IT. DID. NOT. He just looked even more ridiculous.


Texas Ghostrider said...

better then "pants on the ground"......

BRUNO said...

PAJAMAS??? Who the hell wears THOSE anymore---at least, to SLEEP-in? LOL!

It's bad-enough wakin'-up in the morning with a pair of "Fart-Mufflers" wadded-up in mah ass---let alone an entire WARDROBE!☺

My wife looks like an all-pro linebacker, with all the stuff she piles-on to sleep!

Although I think it's only purpose is to "discourage"-me!

And, by-damn if it doesn't WORK, too...!