Friday, January 07, 2011

they just don't make 'em like that anymore

Our furnace died last night.

Not to worry, though, because our repairman immediately stepped in and performed furnace CPR.

Our baby has reached the ripe old age of 36 and I can honestly say that in all the years that we've lived in this house--28 to be exact--we've only ever had to have her repaired once before last night. And BOTH times, including last night--THANK YOU, LORD!!--it cost us less than $100 to have her repaired. Strict HIPPA laws (and the fact that I'm blonde) prevent me from going into too much detail about her condition, but I know she needed a new fuel filter and the magnets that have something to do with lighting the flame needed cleaned.

And that's why, when it's time for us to release her to that Great Furnace Repairman in the sky, I'm going to buy another Rheem furnace!!!



BRUNO said...

You burn Home-Heating grade OIL, don't you? 'Cause it gets/stays too cold, "up-theah", to use LP---it won't "boil-off" i.e., pressurize CONSISTENTLY enough for practical useage, at temps of lower than, I think, minus-10 degrees below zero?

I burn LP as my primary, but when it flirts with ZERO, if I don't have at least 1/3-tank---it gets kinda "hairy"!

I've been told those OLD-type OIL-burners will last virtually forever, if you keep 'em clean, AND burn high-quality fuel in 'em, as opposed to that "bottom of the barge"-shit they try to pawn-off on you, during a "buy this while it's CHEAP!!!"-summer-sale...!

*Goddess* said...

We only use the "winter blend" home heating oil, which is half and half, oil and kerosene. Otherwise, we run the risk of it "jelling" up if it gets super cold.

BRUNO said...

Ha-Ha!!! There ya' go, Gal! That's the "ticket"!

See? Unfortunately for YOU---me an' you ain't all that different, both on the same "page", here!☺

That's is indeed the "recipe" for home-heating oil.

In MY-area, we used to have a #1-Diesel fuel, which was what you ran in the trucks/tractors in the WINTER---and was also an acceptable-substitute for Home Heating Oil, but only in a "pinch"---and a #2 Diesel w/paraffin, for lubrication of the injectors of Diesel-engines. Way-y-y too "gooey", for home-use. But, we'd "thin" it with a bottle of Power-Service™ Diesel-fuel "antifreeze", once the temps stay consistently below 25. Otherwise, just like YOU said, the filters would "gel-up", an' you'd be sittin' there with your "ignorance" showing!☺

But now, since the EPA says paraffin pollutes too-much, there's no "grade"-designation anymore---well, other than the coloring, which is for TAX-purposes only---just DIESEL now, and considerably HIGHER-priced than gasoline. It's hell on the injectors, but just like tryin' to mix 10%-Ethanol in gasoline, which is also damaging to many pre-2000-model vehicles.

The EPA-base line is: We don't give a damn about that. You don't like it? Don't buy it!

And I'll bet you(oil) and I(LP) use basically the same-amount of actual FUEL, as in gallon-for-gallon, each season, too.

Although, LP MAY-be just a bit less per actual gallon, than HHO. And I don't have access to Natural-gas---even though ironically a NGPLA-"booster" pumping-station is located less than five-miles, "as the crow flies", from me!

So, to cram ALL of the above, into ONE-lil'-bitty ol' nutshell: Yew-alls jus' stay too COLD, fo' too LAWNG, up-theah...!!!☺