Saturday, January 29, 2011

i LOVE these lyrics! lol

If that offends your sensibilities, try this "Forget You" version:)


BRUNO said...

I'm mix-fused, here. Is this a modern-day, inner-city school cafeteria? Or is it a ghetto-whorehouse of the '60's, refurbished into a "family"-diner? Or is it a combo of BOTH??? LOL!☺

Damned-shame to waste your talent on puttin' a mess like this together, when you can take a camcorder to most ANY major metro-area nowadays, an' get the REAL-shit, in a FOURTH-of the time it took to "edit" this!☺!

As for the CLEAN-version: Need to do some work on the "lip-sync", for us ass-wipes who are deaf in one-ear, an' cain't hear SHIT-outta the other, anymore...!

*Goddess* said...

Inner city school cafeteria? LOL! Yeah, the video wasn't the best, but I love the song.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, gotta admit, it IS kinda "catchy", although I'd stop short of labeling it "up-lifting"!☺ Even if I HAVE been walkin' around all-day, with it in my head!

Indeed, I can see it now: Me, singing this at the checkout at K-Mart, while "college-girl" adds it up, an' "pimple-faced new-hire"-cart-boy ask me if I'd " him to help with the bags???" And I'll be singin':

"Fuck-You!", and, "Fuck-HER, too!"

Yeah! I can see that workin'-out for me......!!!☺