Thursday, January 27, 2011

i can honestly say i've never had THIS problem before!

I have enough money left from our taxes to get a nice laptop AND still be able to save some money, so natch I wanted to get another sweet lil' Gateway. I've had such good luck with the two I've owned in the last 14 years. Yep, two computers in FOURTEEN years! My desktop lasted NINE of those years. My laptop isn't holding out so well, but that's mostly due to virus problems, not hardware issues.

Anywho, I went to the Gateway site, and saw some of the NV series laptops that I'd like to get. I'd like to spend around $600-700 and get a good repair warranty, also. Alas, you can no longer purchase Gateway computers FROM Gateway, because they really stand behind their products have a new system. ALLEGEDLY, you can purchase their computers online from other sources. I just don't happen to know what they are because every time I clicked on the laptop I was interested in and clicked "purchase online" the message I received was "this item is not available online." So then I'd put my zip code in to see where it was available to buy in a store in my area and there was none. 

Ya got some mad salesmanship skilz going on there, Gateway! Now I understand why you no longer sell your own products.

While I often have no money and can't buy a laptop, I can honestly say I've never had the money and not been ABLE to buy a laptop because the computer company was making it so damn hard for me to GIVE THEM MY MONEY.


BRUNO said...

I was gonna do the exact-same thing with MY-share of the tax-return, but I "chickened-out" at the last moment---at least, so far!

My ol' XP desktop is about to peter-out. I think it's about 12-years old now. Takes longer each day, to "warm-up".(Yeah, shades of the vacuum-tube days showin', there!)

I'm gonna do a "Total-Recall"-thang on it soon, maybe this weekend, see if it helps. Oh, I COULD pay someone to make it like new---except for the PRICE they charge for such, a NEW replacement is actually cheaper!(And they know that!)

Personally, I wouldn't "piss in the rain in July" for a laptop---everything's too small, an' there ain't a mouse!(Yes, I know one can be added---but now, it wouldn't be a laptop anymore then, would it?☺)That, and the PRICE for something so inherently short-lived.

Hell, I still use a cell-phone with NO camera in it...!!!

*Goddess* said...

I liked the fact that the laptop is so mobile, but now I'm seeing their ZX series with the touch screen and the wireless mouse/keyboard, I'm not sure. Thankfully, these aren't available online either or I might really have a decision to make!

BRUNO said...

Out of a morbid-curiosity: I always wondered---what with those touch-screens---the sort of cluster-fugg you'd get, if you sneezed(as in, "hawked-a-loogy")right smack-dab in the middle of an on-line order checkout?

Yeah, I've been told more than once to "get a life", so---"pick a number, an' git'n line"...!☺

*Goddess* said...

That doesn't worry me so much as what my screen is going to look like because I'm such a snacker. I'll have the only computer screen in town with chocolate smears and ice cream blobs on it.

BRUNO said...

E-E-E-U-U-W-W!!! That can't turn-out very good this summer, fer shure...!☺