Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eden not so Pure

I received my first electric bill since buying the EdenPure and I will admit I've entertained serious thoughts of drop kicking Bob Villa's ass.

My "usual" electric bill  is around $60-65. In the winter it leans toward the $65 end, and  my bill has ONLY ever been about $10 more in the winter months. I don't know that it has EVER been $80.

I *thought* our bills were going up 16% so that would add on about $9 or $10, so let's say the high end of $75 dollars. My first bill with the EdenPure was $105 and NOW I find out that our electricity is going up 16% OVER THE COURSE OF THE YEAR, so I can't even blame an extra $9 or $10 on that.

I only use the EdenPure in an enclosed space, so it warms fairly quickly, then I turn it down, and it cycles off and on. And I only use it for about three to four hours every evening.

My furnace is 35ish and the EdenPure is brand new, so I figured if would be much cheaper and more efficient to run than my furnace, when in fact, it's almost AS expensive. Plus, for that price, the furnace heats the entire house, not a single room.

My bill almost doubled, and I have to say I'm very disappointed in the Eden (not so) Pure.


BRUNO said...

Well, they DO "work", but as for being worth the $$$'s? To each his/her own.

A nephew of mine bought one of them for his brand-new home, and swears by it. But, he also has a VERY-tightly constructed home, and NEVER uses his furnace, only a heat-pump system. Like I said---super-tight doors/windows. You could FART in there, an' it'll still be hangin' around 12-hours later---which is why I don't visit him!☺

Bottom line---they are not space-HEATERS. They only maintain the temp of an already-WARM room.

Electricity is a piss-poor method of heating anyway, I always thought. But I still swear by my oil-filled, electrically-heated "radiator-style" room warmers. And, they come in handy for keepin' a plate of food warm, too---especially a pizza-box!

Just don't go off an' leave it unattended....!☺

*Goddess* said...

Awww, I think you're finally getting through all the blonde brain cells. This piece o'crap was NOT designed to take into a cold room and heat it up, just to keep an already warm room warm? Hell, I have a damn furnace to do that! Now no more lurnin! My head hurts!....right along with my wallet.

*Goddess* said...

BTW, while my house is not "air tight", my husband's farts can linger for days.

BRUNO said...

Well MY-house leaks air like a One-Dollar Whore on Nickel-Night!☺

Farts don't last too long in here---5-minutes at the most, from cut-to-freedom, as they make their way down the hallway!

And UPSTAIRS, it just takes another 5, to work it's way down the staircase...!☺