Sunday, December 19, 2010

that's just the way it is some things will never change

Have they changed the rules for unemployment benefits again?

I recall that way back when Jesus was in Pampers, you were required to get two applications a week (or so)to prove that you were actively seeking work.

Remember that great idea? ACTUALLY TRYING TO FIND WORK?

This seemed to go away for a LONG time, and now suddenly we have people coming into the office FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of filing out an application so they can continue to get benefits.

Why does this piss me off?
A. I have to get my ass out of bed every morning at 6 am while they stroll into the office around 1ish asking for an application so they can continue to sit home and collect $.
B. It's a freaking waste of OUR manpower and time. We have our interviewer on staff, spending time with these people, when it's apparent from the beginning, they have ZERO INTEREST in getting a job with our company. Why should we waste money having them get drug tested, TB tested or do a criminal background? Most of them don't even have any experience in our field, which would disqualify them automatically.
C.But what REALLY pisses me off is when people say, "Are there any hours?" and I say, "Yes," and they'll blatantly say, "I'll just put down 'there isn't any work available'." These people piss me off every bit as much as the people we have already hired who now say, "Don't give me any more hours, it's messing up my unemployment." Well EXCUSE US. We thought you WANTED a job, not a fucking handout.


Meadowlark said...

Ok, but explain this. Since the so-called statistics out there say people are basically living paycheck to paycheck, what would be the motivation to stay on unemployment when it doesn't even come close to replacing your salary? (not that it should).

Respectfully, I have to disagree and say that there are probably fewer of those out there than you think. Or at least here in my 16% unemployment neck of the woods.

Just my thoughts. But I'm open to hearing more facts.

*Goddess* said...

I know it doesn't come close to your salary, but I know people who have been on it for almost three years now, and there are PLENTY of jobs in the health field in my area, but people don't want to work. I've had them call me and specifically say, "Don't schedule me for hours. It's interfering with my signing up for unemployment." But it's not "just" unemployment, let's also factor in...daycare, food stamps, heating assistance, rent assistance, and medical assistance. My dentist told me that people on medical assistance get root canals and caps for free. I had to pay $1000 for ONE TOOTH. Why? Because I have a job and don't qualify for medical assistance. Yeah, it took me several paychecks to pay it off, but I had to pay it.

We've had people who will work only long enough to get reduced day care or food stamps, then start with the excuses, "I'm sick," "it's too far to drive", blah blah because they've gotten the assistance they need for NOW. Very short sighted in my book, but what can I say?

My neighbor, for instance, COMPLAINED that he was "only" getting $500 a week and he could barely live off of that. I could live off of that quite well! Hell, it's more than I make. His wife was working full time and yet he didn't get a job until he knew his unemployment was going to run out. He'd start a job, then quit right away because he didn't want to get up at 6 am when he could sleep in till lunch time. He flat out told my husband that. That's what floors me about this. People don't even PRETEND.

I know there are people who honestly cannot find work, but I also know there are jerks using the system to get as many freebies as they can.

Meadowlark said...

OK, I admit I'm out of the loop. I didn't even know a family with an employed person could qualify for daycare, food stamps, heating assistance, rent assistance, and medical assistance. I mean, maybe if they're a family of 4 or something with a minimum wage job, but certainly not otherwise. ?????

See, often I'm confused because there are things I just don't know. I suppose I live a sheltered life.

That's why I went into business for myself. Easier that way. ;)

*Goddess* said...

We have people working full time, on disability AND getting housing assistance. Explain that one to me! I have no idea how these people qualify, but they're getting it because I'm filling out the papers, sometimes several a week.