Thursday, December 23, 2010

i'm the only one i know

...who can sit in my own house, mind my own business and STILL get my ass in trouble.

There's a woman I grew up with who now lives in another part of the state, but her parents still live by my mother. She sends me a card every Christmas, and lately has included her phone number, along with the message, "Please call. I'd love to catch up with you."

My mother asked me if I had gotten her card and asked why I hadn't called her because she was anxious to talk to me.

I'm like, "Doesn't the phone work both ways? If she's SO ANXIOUS to catch up with me, why doesn't she just call me?"

Suddenly it was MY FAULT that we hadn't connected, and I was reminded exactly WHY it is that I don't stay in close contact with these friends who have parents that are friends with MY family.

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BRUNO said...

Well, I can top that one, easily: I've the ability to completely PISS-OFF people, WITHOUT leaving the house.

Talk about the "Powers Of Suggestion"...!☺