Wednesday, November 24, 2010

it's official

The holiday season is definitely upon us. I watched A Season For Miracles tonight and once again, bawled at the ending, as if I had no idea they were going to wind up together...even though I've seen the movie about ten times.

Some of the critics said the movie was one improbability after another, and that may be the case, but I fell in love with the police chief in Pappano's book and was willing to overlook a lot of stuff that happened in the movie.

However, I often wished they had a stronger actor with more "cop presence," than David Conrad play Nathan Blair. I'm not wild about him in that role, but hey, I can live with it:).

My other "must see" Christmas movies/shows are "Shrek the Halls," "If You Believe," "Polar Express," "Prancer," and "Four Christmases".  My two all time favorite lines from holiday movies are: "My Mama always says, 'Christmas ain't Christmas till somebody cries'!" and "Remember, you can't spell 'families' without 'lies'!"

Trust me, I've seen a TON of 'em!

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BRUNO said...

Oh God(*sigh*)---yet ANOTHER "chick-flick"! They, like, you know, like, SO-O-O-O depress me! I need something violent, like---FOOTBALL ON A MUD/ICE-MIXED FIELD!!! Makes a REAL-mans' pecker stand-out! Oh, sorry---forgot you're NOT a man!(The NAME does give it away! And, NO, I'm NOT going to "that"-subject, on Thanksgiving!☺!)

Hell, I can't even spell families with a "y", anymore---an' it suits me just fine......!!!☺!