Friday, November 05, 2010

its funny how we feel so much but cannot say a word

Yesterday one of the ladies that I used to care for passed away. I took care of her for over seven years. One of the best caregiving jobs I've ever had.

In the caregiving business, there are people you meet that you will always remember and people you just want to forget. 

Ruth was definitely one I'll always remember. She always treated me so well, and with kindness and respect.

She used to love watching The Price is Right, working jigsaw puzzles and snuggling with her cat Poppy.

She was a joy to take care of and I'm glad she's in a much better space. 

And now Overtime Hawg won't be getting any more overtime...;)


BRUNO said...

I'd forgotten all about "O.H."!

So-o-o, ain't it about time for HER, to start sucking-up to YOU, for a job now???

Oooh, wouldn't THAT be "poetic-justice", now?

You know---make 'er beg!

"Squeel lak' a pig, now---WE-E-E-E-E.....!!!"

*Goddess* said...

Bruno, I'd like to think that we hire responsible adults who do their own damn work and don't drag their husbands along to do it for them.

I'd ***like*** to think that anyway....sigh.

BRUNO said...

AGHHH!!! MY EYES!!! Damn girl, post a "Suddenly Bright-Background" warning---LOL!!!☺ Glad I learned "no-look" typing in school, since I'm now BLIND!!!

Yeah, and one would "think" that, with the way the economy is now, it really wouldn't be that hard to find RESPONSIBLE-adults for ANY job---but the vetting-process is nothin' BUT a disappointment, anymore. Seems like no one WANTS to "grow-up", and be such anymore.

Maybe things will improve in another few years, IF we're lucky?

As you just said:"I'd ***like*** to think that anyway....sigh.".......

*Goddess* said...

Woke ya up, huh?!