Tuesday, November 16, 2010

in my dreams i'm dying all the time

Work was FABULOUS today!!!

Nu(lazy)Chick stayed home because it was "rainy" and she was "tired". *Insert mucho eye rolling here* Can you say "spoiled, lazy ass, kids?"

She called and said she'd come in "later" since the boss wasn't going to be in until lunch time, but co-worker called and convinced her to stay home. GO, HER!! LOL!  She was all, "You don't want to come out in this rain....and for a few hours? Stay home."  Then she got off the phone and was cheering! Funny thing is the boss was in by 10:30 so it was GREAT:).

Can't wait for those bad snow days because I hardly think she'll brave the wind and snow if she's off put by some damn rain.

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BRUNO said...

And it's people like that, who'll ALWAYS be chosen to supervise others, because they have the most "influence". By that, I mean they know how to "work-the-system".

How else would you describe someone who consistently does NOTHING, yet seems to always benefit from doing-same???