Sunday, November 07, 2010

caution!!!! deer crossing ahead.....whether you like it or not

For the life of me I don't know WHY I didn't take a picture of this, but Mr G's car met a deer on the way to work Friday morning.

While Mr. G came away spooked shitless at the slightest movement from the side of the road now, the deer came away with a good chunk of our front right bumper, the front right headlight and the front right sidelight. the damage was close to $700, mostly to the fiberglass bumper. The insurance dude said that while the car was old--'93--it was in very good condition and since it doesn't even have 50k miles on it, it's still worth about $2500.

Unfortunately Bambi died.

I'm trying to figure out why though, because he hit the car on the right and continued across the road to the left side. We ASSumed he hit the car with his back hooves and that's why there wasn't that much damage. But if that were true, I don't think that would have killed him. Then I thought maybe he hit the bumper with his head and was propelled across the front of the car. But you'd think a head injury would throw him backwards, not forwards, right? So now I don't know what happened and Mr. G said it happened so fast he doesn't know what happened either, but thank God for Allstate.

Where's an accident re-creationist when ya need one?!


BRUNO said...

Heh, amazing how LOW the estimates come in, when it's your OWN-insurance that has to chunk-out the change---I would've guessed about half-again MORE than that! (I am ASSuming the deer WAS NOT carrying insurance, let alone qualifying for self-insurance?) Now, just make sure they use OEM-replacement parts, and not some cheap U.S.-made replicas. (NO, I meant it EXACTLY as I wrote it!)

Mrs. B got a hunk of one too last week, on her way home from work. Only the rear-hooves, though. But it pissed the deer off somethin' terrible! Put a dent in the right-front fender of MY-"hearse"! And, gawd it's HUGE, too. Almost the size of a half-eaten TWIX-bar! I can barely cover it with my thumb! It looks TERRIBLE! Just simply TERRIBLE!!!

(All the melodrama is because I had bet her 3-years ago that SHE would be the one to put the FIRST-dent in it! But seeing as she drives it about three-times more than I do, the odds were, admittedly, stacked against her!)

All joking aside, maybe BOTH our spouses were lucky. We've already had a woman who was killed, when a SMALL-buck got hit by a semi, and bounced-off into the path of her SUV, and went through the windshield. She was driving her husband and three-kids home from a night-out. Her hubby was left in serious condition, although the kids in the back suffered only minor PHYSICAL-injuries. She most likely never knew what hit them.

Beautiful to look at in my back-yard, but NOT in the headlights, indeed...!!!

*Goddess* said...

That's what I reminded my husband when he was going on and on about it, that people are killed in deer/vehicle accidents. But I think he was actually more upset that he "killed" the deer because he said, "guys brag about killing deer and I feel bad about it and it was just an accident".

BRUNO said...

Hell, I ain't took a shot at a deer in at least 20-years. I hunted turkey for the last-time about 10-years ago, but I stopped that after I got tired of taking the chance of being mistaken for the game---even in blaze-orange.

Now I wear orange during "THE-season" so as to fit-in, and hear where the out-of-area "hunters" plan to trespass next.....!☺!