Monday, October 11, 2010

*slams head against keyboard*

When I hear the phrase "the children are our future" I get afraid.

Very. Afraid.

One of the early twentysomethings that works for us called me and wanted to know "why the fuck" her paycheck was "getting smaller and smaller when I'm working the same hours every week".  When I tried to explain to her that working TEN FRIGGING HOURS IN TWO WEEKS wasn't exactly the way to get a good check, she began arguing with me about how she deserved her three month raise because she started four months ago, as if that paltry raise is going to save her from having to do more work.

Let's ignore the facts that she did not show up for all her scheduled shifts in her 90 day trial period, she NEVER turned the time sheets in on time,  she NEVER got coverage for the shifts she wanted off, she called up and swore at me on the phone as if I was somehow cheating her out of well deserved money, and focus on her start date issue instead. She insisted she began four months ago, even though I told her I had her first pay stub IN MY HAND and I gave her the date she started with the company, which was only two months ago. She swore up and down that she "could guarantee" she had a pay stub from four months ago, and that she had called her bank and they were going to give her the date of her deposit. THEN to add total insult to injury after I took the time to look up all her information and call her, she gets into an argument with the person in the house with her and FRIGGING HANGS UP ON ME!

As for her hours and the "mystery" of her quickly shrinking check, she worked one 44 hour pay period, then decided that job was too much for her, so next she had a 14 hour pay period and then a 10 hour pay period. Now gee, how much of an Einstein do you have to be to figure out why her paycheck was going lower with every work week?!

The upside of all this? She's going to the MILITARY and I can't WAIT for the instructors to get their hands on her!


BRUNO said...

Shee-it, D.I.'s today are forced to be more like mean school-teachers.

And with her current "skills", undoubtedly she'll be assigned to a "Procurement & Disbursement"-supply battalion.

And then return six-years later, with her guaranteed pension, and become YOUR C.E.O......!

Meadowlark said...

I hope to hell she's not joining my Beloved Corps. GRRRRRRRR

*Goddess* said...

National Guard....

Meadowlark said...

Then there's no hope. I spent an enlistment in the Air Guard, 14 years after getting out of the Marine Corps. It was "fun" and all, but their insistence that I call them by their first names? AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. Um. NO.

She may not get a lot of discipline from this. :(