Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i'm blonde and i'm pissed and i'm not gonna take it anymore!!

I was checking my email earlier this evening when I, oh so innocently, glanced over to some pictures of attractive men to the right of my mail pane. The ad said, "Meet seniors in your area".

Now I've always been a fan of older men, no surprise there, but when I saw the AGES of these SENIOR MEN, I wanted to SPIT NAILS!!

Their ages were 50, 53 and 55!!!! WTF?! That's not "senior", stupid people who own this dating service!

50's are the PRIME OF YOUR LIFE! Just ask anybody in their 50's!!

Only a twelve year old pimply dweeb would think otherwise. And that's probably who owns the service...some mega rich, pimply twelve year old. 


1 comment:

BRUNO said...

Naw, you're just pissed because YOU were lookin' for high-school, or maybe college, SENIORS....!